Siavonga Zambia 2

Aims and Objectives:

The aims and objectives of the Association as stated in the Consitution shall be:

  • To promote tourism and business development in the Siavonga District, and in areas adjacent to and surrounding Lake Kariba (Zambian side), in the Southern Province of Zambia.

  • To represent the interests of its Members in its dealings with the various Government Departments and Ministries, Local Government, the Tourism Board and other regulatory authorities concerned with tourism and other relevant businesses/industries.

  • To co-operate with the Ministry of Tourism and Art, the Zambia Tourism Board, the Tourism Council of Zambia, the Zambia Business Forum, the Ministry of Local Government, Local Government Officials and the Siavonga District Council, and with any other public or private institutions, organisations, associations and persons having similar aims and objectives and to take joint action with a view to furthering and advancing their common interests.

  • To promote the business development of Siavonga and to identify new business opportunities and to work with Government and Local Government in order to facilitate and create an appropriate investment climate and infrastructure in order to attract new investment into the District.

  • To identify problems and issues affecting the business community and to address such issues with Government, Local Government and other regulatory authorities and/or other stakeholders in the District in order to improve the business operating environment and development of the District.

  • To encourage community participation and awareness on the importance of tourism and business development in the District and the protection of the environment and it fauna and flora for the benefit of all.

  • To uphold and enhance the standards of service and cleanliness of all tourist facilities in the District, and to encourage good business practices, particularly of those of its Members, and to promote the presence of a sustainable environment which forms the basis for successful tourism and business investment.

  • To identify unexploited tourism potential and business opportunities within the District with the view of marketing and offering such tourism and business opportunities to potential consumers and interested parties.

  • To attract tourists and new investment to the District by soliciting advertising to the best possible advantage and at minimum cost, of the attractions, amenities and business opportunities available.

  • To do all such other acts, matters or things as may be deemed incidental, expedient, or conducive to foster the development and welfare of tourism and business investment in the District or to the attainment of all or any of the these aims and objectives.
  • To advance and protect the interests of the Association, including but not limited to the establishment of or participation in any other association, company or body, corporate or incorporate; or by acquiring by purchase, exchange or otherwise any shares, stocks, debentures, debenture stocks, bonds, obligations or securities in any other association, company or body, corporate or incorporate, for any purpose which may be calculated to benefit or be in the interests of, or be conducive to the Association and/or its Members or its constituent elements, and of the tourist industry and other businesses as a whole.

  • To obtain subscriptions from its Members and to raise and receive revenue by any other means and to manage the finances of the Association in the best interests of its Members.